Munkhiin Altan Gadas LLC was established in 2012 and started operating in Ulaangom soum in 2016. We test sea buckthorn varieties, study which varieties give better yields in Uvs aimag, conduct research and advise farmers on good varieties.

10 varieties of sea buckthorn are planted and tested: Aley, Augustina, Rosinka, Panteleeva, Essel, Claudia, Chuiskaya, Altai, Tenga, Zhivko. In Uvs aimag, we are establishing the first standard sea buckthorn nursery. It will provide farmers with a large variety of affordable seedlings. We are also setting up a pilot training area and will provide training for the public.

Apart from sea buckthorn we are also selling various other vegetables and potatoes. In the spring, we grow and sell 2,000-5,000 vegetable seedlings ourselves. In the last 4 years, we have imported about 300 apples, 100 plums, 600 currants and 20 cherry seedlings from a renowned Russian institute at the request of citizens and companies. The people of our aimag have started to grow these fruits and get the first harvests.

The company is also licensed to import and sell plant protection products and fertilizers in Uvs aimag.


Contact details of company:

E-mail: gu_nyamjav@ yahoo.com
Tel: 90114469

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Last modified on 20 February 2021

Pure sea buckthorn wildcrafted from Uvs, Mongolia

The botanical name, Hippophae L. is derived from the Greek word “hippo,” meaning horse. It is believed to have been used to strengthen ancient Greek horses and restore their coats to a brilliant luster. All the way to Asia, Genghis Khan, regarded as one of the most famous conquerors of history, powered his army and their horses on sea buckthorn for stamina and recovery from battles. The strong history of sea buckthorn’s wonder lived on since in the country.

Of the 21 provinces (called aimags) in Mongolia, Uvs is regarded as the home of the best sea buckthorn in the country. High in the steppes at 936 meters (3,070 feet above sea level) grows a tiny but resilient fruit that resists high altitudes and the harsh weather conditions, with winter temperatures reaching up to -50 ºC and summer temperature of up to 40 ºC. The muddy iodine-rich soil fed by permafrost water also contributes to the unique qualities of Uvs sea buckthorn. 


Kindly contact the branch office of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Us: Ulaangom sum, 5th bag 8-1b, Uvs aimag, Mongolia

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Contact person: Director of MNCCI branch office Us, Mrs. Sanj Serjim

Phone: 99012304

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